About the Angling Club

The Harleston, Wortwell & District Angling Club is run by a General Purposes Committee on behalf of its members. There are also 3 Trustees who have legal responsibility for the Club and its activities. In addition there is an Honorary President.

The Committee consists of 9 members, plus a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Match Secretary and Hon. Treasurer/General Secretary. Appointments to the committee are made initially for 1 year and then, if re-elected, for a 3 year period. 2 members retire by rotation each year and an election is held at the AGM to replace them.


The President and Trustees of the Club are:

President:  Mr J Kent

Hon. Vice Presidents:  G Adkins, J C Adamson, G. Durrant, R Whipps

Trustees:  I McKenzie, N. Poll, J C Adamson 


Members of the General Purposes Committee for the 2014/2015 season are:

Chairman:   Ian McKenzie

Vice-Chairman:  Tim Fox

Match Secretary:  Nigel Poll

Hon Treasurer/General Secretary:  Nigel Poll

Committee Members: Karl Dowse, Chris Knights, Karl Hamer, Ian Reeve, Douglas Sheldrake, Paul Spooner, Mark Taylor, Jack Weatherley, Trever Woodward


If you wish to speak to the Club about any matter then please contact the General Secretary or Match Secretary in the first instance. Contact information can be found on the Contact Information and Location page.