The Place to fish in the Waveney Valley

Membership & Ticket Prices

Club Membership runs from 1st June until 31st May. Basic membership allows you to fish the Club Pit, Kingfisher Pit and the Bottle Pit with 2 rods, plus certain sections of the River Waveney. If you want to fish the other 3 lakes -  No.1 Pit, Middle Pit, & Ocean Pit - then you can buy extended membership for 1 or 2 rods.

Day and Weekly tickets are available to fish No.1 Pit, Middle Pit & Ocean Pit  from 8am to sunset - no night fishing allowed. Day and Weekly ticket holders may NOT fish the Club, Kingfisher and Bottle Pits which are for members only.

Concession prices are available for Juniors (13 and under 18), Senior Citizens (over 65) and registered Disabled.

Bait boat tickets for members can be purchesd at a cost of £60 for use on Ocean Pit Only

Please Note: Permits to fish any of our lakes must be obtained before you begin fishing. Tickets cannot be bought on the bank.

Ticket Rules:

1.  All anglers must hold a current rod licence

2.  A Junior Member is someone who is 13 and under the age of 18 on 1st June in the season for which their ticket is valid

3.  Juniors under 13 years old can fish free of charge but must be accompanied by an adult

4.  No Junior may night fish unless accompanied by an adult who must be 18 or over and who is sitting on the same or adjoining peg. Proof of age may be required.

5.  Night fishing is restricted to members only. 

6.  All anglers must read the full list of Club Rules and Bylaws and comply with them. The full Rules and Byelaws are published in your Members' Handbook or you can click here to read them on this web site Club Rules and Bylaws .

April/May Opening 2021

The lakes will  be open in April and May 2021 there will be no charge for Existing members .New members can still purchase tickets by contacting Club Secretary Nigel Poll  tel: 07899754058 or e-mail

Day and Weekly tickets will also be available at the current prices. Please Note: There are NO 24 hour Day tickets  Anyone wishing to fish at night MUST be a member of the Club

April/May Conditions:

April/May can only be bought as a single block

Tickets issued for this period will be marked "April/May " and will not be accepted from 1st June onward

Keep nets will be permitted on the Ocean Pit Only during April and May

People buying any ticket for the April/May period must be aware that any section of any pit can be closed at any time for essential maintenance

Any pit may be closed entirely without warning if it is necessary to protect the fish

Club Membership Prices - 2021/2022 Season and April/May 2021 Prices

Ticket NameRodsPits and DetailsFullConcession
Club Member2Club Pit, Bottle Pit, Kingfisher Pit, River Waveney Juniors 13 and under 18 may fish up to two rods on all pits at a cost of £30£85.00£50.00
Club and Private Pits 11Club Member Pits plus one rod on Middle Pit, No.1 Pit, Ocean Pit £135.00£80.00
Club and Private Pits 22Club Member Pits plus two rods on Middle Pit, No.1 Pit, Ocean Pit Juniors aged 13 and under 18 may fish up to two rods on all pits at a cost of £30£185.00£110.00
Club and Private Pits 33Club Member Pits plus two rods on Middle Pit, No.1 Pit & three rods on Ocean Pit £235.00£140.00
Club & Private Pits 44Club Member Pits plus two rods on Middle Pit, No 1 Pit & four rods on Ocean Pit£285.00£170.00
APRIL/MAY: Existing Club Member & Private PitsAs Existing Ticket£NO CHARGE£NO CHARGE
APRIL/MAY: New Club Members2Club, Bottle & Kingfisher Pit £40£20
APRIL/MAY: New Club Member & Private Pits2Club Member Pits plus 2 rods on Middle Pit, No1 Pit & Ocean Pit £70£35
APRIL/MAY: New Club Member & Private Pits4Club Member Pits plus 2 rods on Middle Pit, No.1 Pit and 3 or 4 rods on Ocean Pit only£80£40

Extra Rods: Up to 2 additional rods may be fished on the Ocean Pit only at a cost of £50 per rod

One extra rod may be fished on the No.1 Pit from November 1st until March 31st. The additional cost for this is £20

Daily and Weekly Prices - 2021/2022 Season

Ticket TypeRodsDailyWeekly

Day and Weekly tickets can be bought from any of our ticket outlets. However, the closest place to Weybread Pits for these tickets is the Esso Garage in Harleston which also sells bait and snacks. As well as catering for the casual angler, Day and Weekly tickets also allow potential members to try 3 of our lakes before taking out full membership.