The Place to fish in the Waveney Valley

End of Current Season


The Weybread fishing lakes will be open during April and May but anyone wishing to fish the pits during April and May will need to buy a separate  ticket for those two months only. There are 2 rates: one for existing members who will need to show their existing membership ticket and the number must be marked on the April/May ticket. The 2nd price is for non-members who can buy a membership ticket for these 2 months but at a higher price.
DAY/WEEKLY TICKETS   will be sold for this period in the usual way. There will not be any 24 hour tickets. Anyone wishing to fish at night MUST be a Club Member. .

  1. April/May can only be bought as a single block.
  2. Tickets issued for this period will be marked “April & May Only” and will not be valid from 1st June onwards.
  3. Keep nets will be permitted on the Ocean pit only during April and May.
  4. People buying any ticket for April/May must be aware that any section of any pit could be closed at any time for essential maintenance.
  5. Any pit may be closed entirely if it is necessary to protect the fish.
For details and prices go to the Membership and Ticket Prices page.