Make sure you have the following before fishing..

Make sure you have the following before fishing..

Attention all anglers

Before you next come fishing at HWAC Please make sure you have the following.

1, A purchased ticket to fish HWAC waters

2, A valid rod license

3, Carp care.

4, safe rigs that are fit for purpose within club rules including NO LEADCORE is to be used as it states in the rule book, rule no 17.

ensuring your rigs and lead/leader set up is safe. If you are unsure please ask someone for help or even go to your local tackle shop and I’m sure they will gladly help you. Also plenty of educational videos online.

5, if you don’t wish to use the provided toilets bring yourself a bucket or even better a ridge monkey toilet. And take your waste home with you.

6, The easiest one yet...... a carrier bag !

To take all your rubbish home with you. And when you get home put it in your dustbin.

You should leave a swim how you would like to find it. Empty clean of rubbish and ready for the next person to enjoy.

So before setting off to the pits please use this as a check list before and when you leave.

As some of you are aware there has been some ticket, carp care and rig checks carried out this weekend. This will continue. Your name is also being recorded next to the swim. So if there are any troubles with how you have left it you will recieve a ban.

If you are found without carp care you will be asked to leave.

If you are found with unsafe rigs or using leadcore you will be banned.

If you are found defficating around the lakes you will recieve a life time ban.

There will be no ifs or buts from now on.

This is your club water so we should all be looking after it as a big team of anglers.

Also this week you will see on the notice boards ‘’CCTV in operation’’ signs.

Yes that’s right there will be cameras dotted around the place. These can also be moved to different locations around the lakes.

So if you want to remain a HWAC member please stick to the rules to make it enjoyable for everyone.

And please this is not a post to point blame. we’re looking for constructive comments, cooperation and support.